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The Pool Guys of Tampa Bay, LLC
Florida Certified Residential Swimming Pool Specialty Contractor
LIC#: SCC131151836
Pool Equipment Repair, Replacement / Upgrades and Remodeling
Our Professional Services - South Tampa, Davis Island & Harbor Island Only
Full Service Concierge On-Demand Pool Service
Monthly Full Service (One Visit per Week)
Please contact us for an appointment.  In order to provide an accurate estimate and/or BID, we must physically inspect all of your equipment and your Pool for proper operation.  No work or repairs will be performed without prior authorization; albeit digitally, verbally or written authorization. Please Click on the "Resurfacing" Link above for New Pool Finishes. 
Hiring a Licensed Contractor or Certified Pool Service Provider is a very important decision. Not all Licensed Contractors are Service Providers, and not all Service Providers are Licensed Contractors; we're actually BOTH! Due Diligence is key! Ask for their Licenses, Certifications, Insurance, and most of all verify what you're provided.  The Link on our Landing Page (DBPR); is the Florida Department of Business Regulation.  Use the link to verify our License and Certifications. Not only will it protect you, but one of the largest investments you have in your home...your backyard Paradise and Swimming Pool!

Our Dedicated Professional Technicians have over 50 Years of Combined Experience in the Swimming Pool Industry.  Our staff also Loves the Swimming Pool Industry, and it shows not only in their Work Ethic, but the Quality of the Services they perform!
Unlimited and On-Demand Visits Monthly.  This includes our Full Service for each visit, all chemicals, all parts under $25.00, and Digital Chemical Analysis. *This excludes all Commercial Pools, and pools over 40,000 gallons.

$249.95 per Month
Monthly Full Service includes, and is performed as needed; Chemical analysis, empty skimmer baskets (pool and pump), equipment inspection, brushing of walls and floor, vacuuming with our Powered Vacuums (hand vacuuming is an additional cost), monthly cartridge filter cleaning, DE and Sand filter back-washing, and all chemicals.  This will include months with 5 weeks.  Heavy leaf removal for open pools will be an additional charge.  

Starting at $124.95 per Month
PLEASE NOTE:  We do not service Above-Ground pools, Vinyl Lined Pools, and some Fiberglass pools.  If you have a fiberglass pool, please contact us. We must visit the pool to assess the surface and condition, prior to a service agreement. 


If you have any questions concerning other services or prices, please don't hesitate to contact us.